Oysta SafeHome uses smart home technology to provide all-round protection for VIP's and their home. Discreet, smart sensors detect problems and alert the VIP and the wider care network.

Oysta Safe Home
Smart care for you

Configure and personalise the functions of the service to meet your specific needs – all configuration is done remotely over-the-air.

No onsite installation or complex equipment means costs are reduced and the discrete sensors are less intrusive in your home.

With a combination of Oysta’s Safe Home with our Mobile Service, your loved ones can be connected and protected by Oysta all of the time.

Oysta helps you to monitor a person’s health and wellbeing through a simple dashboard – identifying underlying trends and managing better outcomes.


Designed for you


Easy to install


Constant peace of mind


Make informed decisions

"Oysta's SafeHome solutions provide us with peace of mind, knowing that mum is always protected in her home, when we are not able to be there. Linking directly to people that can immediately assist her reassures me and her."

David - VIP family member

Solutions for 360 safety provision

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Oysta Pearl II

Designed by experts with input from real users, the Pearl II has a powerful speaker packed into a small easy-to-use device. Supported by Oysta's IntelliCare platform, the Pearl II enables early intervention , preventative and self-care for VIPs living independently.

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Oysta Lite

The Oysta Lite is a compact, one-button telecare device with sophisticated location finding. Very easy to use, the Oysta Lite provides secure reliable communications for safety anywhere, any time.

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Oysta Watch

Worn just like a normal watch, the Oysta Watch is the ideal solution for people who would prefer their personal alarm to be discrete and within easy reach at all times. With a range of features, sophisticated tracking and reliable communications, the Oysta Watch is a popular choice.

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"Using Oysta Technology within our supported housing scheme enables us to monitor trends, that alert us to any emerging issues with our residents. We now have the ability to provide proactive care intervention."

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