Oysta & Southampton City Council care for the most vulnerable during pandemic

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As with every other Local Authority in the UK, the provision of care to its most vulnerable residents was the priority for Southampton City Council during the COVID-19 crisis. Ensuring the well-being of people living on their own and shielding because of medical vulnerability continues to be a significant challenge for social care providers across the UK.

IntelliCare™ is a smart cloud-based platform which links digital devices and sensors into one secure dashboard. Designed to support effective care decisions, it helps care teams deliver better patient outcomes by providing a real-time reflection of VIP's activity, location and well-being.

Through the devices and sensors, IntelliCare gathers valuable insights as to a VIP's normal activity pattern and their home environment that help inform their care circle of the VIP's personalised care needs. It enables 24/7 support if a VIP is in distress as it links all major Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs.)

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