'Miracle man' continues day-to-day life with Alzheimer's

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When former FTSE 100 company director Hugo woke up from his month-long coma after suffering a haemorrhagic stroke, followed by bacterial meningitis, he and his wife Louise were told to expect a very different life from the one they had enjoyed previously – including the ability to walk.

The Pearl + is a mobile device backed by a cloud-based platform called ‘IntelliCare’ which features designated ‘safe zones’ for Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) to travel, a fall sensor, location updates, status alerts, reminder messages and a one-touch SOS button.

It allows wearers the security to contact their care circle or the designated Alarm
Receiving Centre (ARC) should they require assistance or are lost or distressed.

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“Hugo is not prone to falling at this stage, but clearly as the disease develops that could change quite radically, and that is where I think the Oysta device will come into its own. Right now, he can play golf with his friends or take a walk around the village and chat to neighbours and I don’t have to worry because this device gives me peace of mind.”


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Oysta Rio

The Oysta Rio gives Vulnerable Independent People (VIPs) a discreet safety net so they feel confident to leave their home. The Oysta Rio can be carried in a pocket, on a keyring, or on a lanyard. It has an SOS button, that, when pressed will notify a chosen contact in the care circle or Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC.)

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The Reed's Story

An ex-navy man and active sportsman, Arnold Reed has led a vibrant and physically active life with his wife Audrey. Both independent spirits, the couple’s life revolved around the squash club that Arnold went on to own and run after retirement from the Navy, sports, travel and socialising.

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The Pearl+ is a compact version of a mobile phone. It provides peace of mind to VIPs that they can remain independent and safe when they are outside of the home, and their care circle stays informed and available at a push of a button.

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