Intelligent Care Technology


Oysta mobile telecare solutions have been supporting independent living for over a decade.

Verified to quality and security standards and connected to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform, an Oysta telecare or lone worker solution gives confidence and independence for VIPs, reassurance and information for carers and powerful and flexible management tools for care providers.



Oysta assist partners including Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Social Care providers, throughout the UK, to keep vulnerable communities safe, supported and cared for within their own homes for longer. Via a suite of mobile telecare solutions all supported by Oysta’s cloud-based care platform, IntelliCare, partners can deliver proactive care. IntelliCare collects, collates and delivers intelligent data on VIP well-being to the VIP’s care network, enabling better partnership working.

The Oysta service is mobile and delivers telecare support everywhere through a simple mobile device with a tremendous capacity to:

• encourage confidence, mobility and independent living;
• improve outcomes through faster and more effective intervention;
• promote self-care and self-funded care;
• assist with safer patient discharge from hospital, recovery and rehabilitation;
• reduce hospital stays and delay admission to residential care and full-time care; and
• significantly reduce costs of providing integrated health and social care.


Oysta supports safer independence

- connecting citizens to instant help and support 24/7, whether they are distressed, injured or lost – wherever they are.

Our safety and security innovations extend to the protection of remote and lone workers through:

• emergency alarms with one-touch SOS;
• detecting falls and non-movement;
• monitoring location with out-of-zone
• sending welfare checks;
• initiating conversations with autoanswer
triggered by the monitoring centre; and
• compliance through proof-of-presence functions.


Oysta is for everyone

Regardless of the nature of the condition or situation, all vulnerable and at-risk people can be given the confidence and support they need.

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